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Colorino is one of those grape varieties that many a wine drinker has almost certainly encountered. Colorino was historically very important in the production of Chianti, and if you’ve sampled a few different Chianti wines in your lifetime, you’ve almost certainly had one with a dollop of Colorino thrown in. Colorino is an Italian wine grape variety planted primarily in central Italy. The grape is best known for its deep dark colour often used as a colouring agent in red blends. It also forms part of the Governo winemaking technique where grapes are dried partially, then added back to fermenting process. This adds a darker colour and structure which comes from phenolic compounds in the grapes thick skin without the overpowering aromatics that other varieties would add. In the glass, the wine is deep opaque purple and ruby colour. The nose is moderately intense with strewed black cherry, blanch plum and charcoal aromas. On the palate, the wine is on the fuller side of the medium with fairly high acidity and rich tannins. There are flavours of wind fruits along with some liquorice, smoke, char and earth. This wine is dark and dense but it has a nice bit of tart freshness from the grape flavours that keep it lively and interesting. Blending varietals grapes are rarely seen in a starring role but Samella Viineywards has taken the complete opposite approach when releasing this wine. Instead, we have produced a true gem. It is complex, interesting and very tasty – Like nothing you have ever had before.

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